Mar 082013

Following is a peek into the Youth Leadership workshops on offer on 13th March. More updates and pictures to follow………


  • Scott – Working With People

    The workshop is focused mostly on motivation and inspiration, and the stark difference that so many overlook.  One of the main goals is to start understanding others and how they will react to stimulus.  Thus one can inspire/motivate.  We will examine and discuss personality types, radical work environments, ROWEs, and how so much scientific research doesn’t seem to match the current status quo.


    Larry and Alistair

    ‘Integrity and unselfishness always permeate good leadership’

    Workshop on teamwork and leadership – skills for RCN and beyond

    Come prepared and dressed for some activities outside


    Lesley Robertson (Red Cross Haugland International Rehabilitation Centre)

    Cognitive therapy and stress management – This workshop will teach self-help techniques for exploring the thoughts that cause you stress in certain situations and how to work with them to decrease their effect.


    Pete – Creative Leadership

    In this workshop participants will:

    -          Question their own self-concept as potential leaders

    -          Examine the notion of leadership

    -          Challenge themselves through role plays and group activities

    -          Take on the role of leaders temporarily

    -          Take on the role of ‘the led’ temporarily

    -          Have fun

    -          Acquire a number of skills and techniques as workshop participants that can then be applied in their own future workshops

    Note: The workshop will be active and energetic. Participants must dress in comfortable loose- fitting clothes (no tight jeans, for example) and no jewelry.


    Bjørg – Leading Vocals

    This workshop is for brave souls who are not afraid of making loud, spectacular noise in front of others.  In this workshop, we will:

    • Learn how to care for our voice. (Among other things we are going to sing scales)
    • Discuss what kind of leaders musicians are
    • Learn singing/speaking techniques. (Proper support of the voice)
    • Have fun!

    Prior experience in singing is not expected! Neither is any musical experience.

    This is a workshop, where you can come to have fun and try something you have not tried before.


    Tamim – Your Body Talks… Do You Know What It’s Saying?

    This workshop is a nice opportunity to learn more about Body Language and Leadership. Before you open your mouth to say a word, your body has already spoken volumes. Do you know what it’s saying? This session will sensitize you to your own non-verbal signals and will help you “read” some of the clues that you and people around you unknowingly give. With all the short presentations, activities, games and discussions you will be able to learn some of the basics of Body Language importance in Communication and Leadership.


     Thao – Teambuilding and Teamwork

    -          Learn to work in a team efficiently and develop team performance

    -          Improve communication and relationship among teammates

    -          Enhance leadership, organization, collaboration skills

    -          Promote effective qualities and characteristics while working in a team

    -          Be a team player and have fun!!


    Dag Sørebø

    Discuss what kinds of properties and human skills we will expect to find in good leadership. Starting out at the individual level, we discuss how we may lead our personal lives in good and meaningful ways, and discuss how the concept of ‘personal integrity’ ties in with issues pertaining to good leadership.  Based on our findings, we will venture to discuss the concept of ‘loyalty’ and how this concept is understood in situations when we are; 1) lead by another person, and 2) when we are leading other persons.  Is there any difference in our conception of loyalty in those two situations?


    Julia – The Tower of Babel

    The workshop provides teams with a shared felt experience, a common language and a solid stance to find the right prototypes to realize the ideas successfully, to avoid the oh-oh moments and have real ta-dah moments.

    è Get engaged into active collaboration in designing and creating structures from paper and …spaghetti!

    “Creativity is intelligence having fun”.                                           A. Einstein


    Madeley – Communitarian Projects Management

    In different parts of the world, every minute and every day people is needing the help of the ones who can try to change their situations. Hence through the “Community project management workshop”, some strategies, in order to know : What is a community project?, How could you start your own one? And how the legal and moral ownership can influence the solutions of an issue, will be shown in order to create the basis of your project.

    The endeavor, determination and communication when carrying out a project for a community, will be the main pillars of a successful plan.

    There are no needs to travel outside in order to help the world, you can start from the corner of your community.


    Juni – Time Management and Study skills

    What do you actually spend your time on? And when you spend your time on studying, what kind of techniques do you use? How do you best learn? In this workshop we will have discussions and activities to raise awareness about the importance of keep on practicing good routines for studying and time management. We will also have a look at different learning types J


    Dona – Listen!

    This workshop is about using and improving active listening skills to make more of discussion and to manage disagreement effectively.

    We will practice:

    - ways to get more out of discussion

    - using questioning to develop understanding not conflict

    - things to do when you are not being heard

    - managing your own emotions so you can listen even if you don’t like what you hear

    This is a practical workshop so you need to be willing to discuss and try out new skills in an open-minded way.


    Judith – Environmental Management Systems

    How to manage a business, an NGO, a school or even your life in a sustainable way? I would like to guide you into the very basics of Environmental Management Systems, with the help of a case study. Please don’t forget to bring your logical thinking, creativity, independent and group work skills along with you!


    Nghiem – No Problem!

    “Problem solving” workshop gives all participants some active, team-building, and fun activities so that you will be aware of working with others, your team role and try to simplify the problems in order to solve them quickly and efficiently and ENJOY OUR TIME!


    Rudy – Sticky messages: Why people remember some ideas but forget others.

    What is so powerful about proverbs that makes them easy to remember generation after generation? How have companies, leaders and average people made their messages more memorable? More importantly, how have they made other people care and act because of these messages? The workshop, based on the book “Made to Stick” will explore the six qualities of an idea that is made to stick and will help answer some of these questions through fun and surprising examples featuring JFK, Sony, Disney and some very creative teachers, among others.


    Comfortable clothes are encouraged, not because the workshop is physically active but because it’s comfortable. It requires participation, enthusiasm, something to write with, and something to write on.


    Jakob – How to Lead Yourself?
    Get behind the ideas of success, motivation and passion and do what you love. Find out how to Lead Yourself and not waste time when achieving your goals, and learn the secrets of the perfect mindset for self-driven pursuit of your dreams!




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Jan 252012

Youth Leadership Course Development EAC is a group whose focus is to develop a leadership training day at the college for the students.  We start the year with discussions about all types of leaders and what it means to be a leader.  This can be a very difficult but interesting part of this EAC because we all have very different definitions of leaders and different role models.  As we share our opinions, we change aspects of other opinions around us, challenging others to really consider what leadership is.

After this stage, the EAC moves into the planning of the Youth Leadership day.  This year (Dec 6-7) we had students attend one workshop in order to not overload them with information and to really focus their attention.  Some of the workshops included youth entrepreneurship and public speaking.  After Youth Leadership day the group did some critiquing and planning for next year.  The first years in the group have decided to take responsibility for the planning of the EAC, as it most pertains to them. The last phase of this EAC is some general leadership training and sharing.  We realize we have an immense amount of knowledge in our group that when we share with members eventually trickles down into the RCN family.


Structure of the Youth Leadership Day

Workshop name Hosted by Summary
Teamwork I Katherine (Katu) & Mais Included teamwork with main focus on two aspects: one in which there is more than one leader involved and the other where there is one leader. In both, through activities, participants learnt how to work together and about their strengths and weaknesses when working in groups.
Teamwork II Louise & Ieva Teamwork is essential! Individuals are becoming less and less autonomous as theworld demands greater interdependence.  The team development process is essential to the success of every team.Workshop objectives: 

  • Define a team
  • Have interdependet tasks
  • Have a commitment to work together
  • Share the responsibility of reults
  • Manage relationship across boundaries
  • Activities for developing your leadership and team working skills
What is Leadership? How to be a Leader. Samuel & Rodi Included: defining the term leadership and the ways it can be interpreted including tips on how to become a leader.
Image of a Movement Ida & Scott Participants learnt about successful movements, identified   effective techniques, and found how to get people up off the couch and active in a movement with focus on inspiring others and crafting the image of movement and use this knowledge to their advantage.
Fundraising and Speech Writing Peshwas & Tamim Participants learnt effective methods of attracting financiers to different projects and commitments. The workshop not went over essential considerations and strategies that are useful and credible, but also focused on where funding is needed and where projects can go around without funding. In essence, this workshop was good for those planning to start organizations, host events, organize conferences etc., or simply committed to a life in the bureaucratic sphere. Furthermore, participants also learnt the important steps in writing speeches. All participants drafted one speech during the workshop to practice persuasive speech.
Meeting Management Henrik & Christine Aim of the workshop: 

  • To learn how to manage meetings effectively
  • How to get the most out of a meeting as a participant
  • How to make your voice heard
  • How to communicate effectively within a meeting


  • Holding presentations on problems about meeting management and present different possible solutions to those problems.
  • Plenty of interactive activities to demonstrate the techniques learned.
Public Speaking and Communication Basem & Mirza Included: How to address public, speech giving and get the attention of huge amount of people and overcoming fear.Improving  skills of being a great orator who is able to keep effect on audience and convince them in what he says. In addition to that, being able to be a good listener as well as a good speaker, organizing ideas and using them.
Youth Political Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Amine & Madeley The main aims of this workshop was to give to the participants the bases : “How can they give solution or answers ,as youth political leaders ,to the different political problems that many countries have around the world”, where the participants analysed  the weaknesses and strengths from their governments of the selected  countries. 

One of the principal characteristics that a leader must have  is to be a social entrepreneur,therefore throught this workshop  the ideas about how a young leader can increase the resources and development of their areas was promoted.

Leading Youth Activism and Social Movement Kanchan & Mariana Participants went through a “Vision>Plan>Promote>Do>Review” approach of British Council’s Global change-maker tool kit. Each participant came up with individual or group projects on pressing issues by the end of the session.Included: 

  • Activism speed dating: Sharing your activism with the other participants
  • Working on Issue Groups
  • Plenary session: How to come up with a project?
  • Reporting and presenting projects
  • Mastering the “Elevator Pitch”
  • What next? … And: Over to you! What lies ahead for the participants?


  • Introduction and Applying to Global Youth Summit 2012 (London); personal experience in GYS 2011 by Kanchan.


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Mar 132010

All 200 RCN students, plus 31 visitors from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Denmark, participated in the 2010 Youth Leadership Workshops at RCN on March 13. To encourage attitudes, behaviors and actions from others for the greater good of a group, a ‘leader’ needs to have the genuine willingness and ability to listen to, communicate with and work with others. At the College, we emphasize that leadership is not simply the “elite” telling others what they should do. Instead, we have developed a series of workshops to help students become more effective leaders by improving their skills in the following aspects:

Despite the fact that it was a Saturday and students had to start the day at 08:15, students were enthusiastic, engaged and active in the workshops. All the workshops were led by a group of our own students, who inherited a solid base from previous generations of students and then also worked to improve the workshops and put their own personal touches to them. Thanks to all for your dedication and solid work! Xiaohang

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Feb 132009

5For the second time, the Youth Leadership Course Development EAC offered the fruits of their months of hard work to their fellow students.  Today, around 160 students were divided into 10 groups to participate in workshops on

  • Communication and Meeting Management;
  • Teamwork; and
  • Public Speaking

Attendance was excellent, enthusiasm was in the air, and the hot chocolate + cake breakfast clearly started the day with a lot of energy. The workshops were interactive, involving not only the learning of new skills, but also the sharing of experiences and insights from the participants themselves. One participant commented, “The workshop was surprisingly good! Well-prepared, well-organized, interactive plus we learned a lot. Good job!”

Thank you – to all the workshop leaders for your dedication and enthusiasm; and

Thank you – to all the participants for your active involvement and feedback!


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May 152008

How do we prepare UWC students to be good leaders? That was the question the Youth Leadership Development Course asked itself when it was founded in September 2007. This EAC then realised how important skills such as communication, teamwork, public speaking and negotiation are if one would like to be able to work together with or lead other people and achieve one’s goals. It was with the ambition of a development of these skills, that the group started the initiative.

The ambitious approach did not overwhelm the workshop planners and a Project Based Learning week was devoted to the construction of different workshop modules. The enthusiasm showed by the group members led to not just a successful PBL but also a well structured fruitful day loaded with workshops for all first year students, on 25 January. Communication being a two way process, engaged participation by the students made the day a success despite it being a dark, cold Flekke Friday morning.

The students were signed up for one of the two modules: communication or teamwork. Using college examples, it was possible for the participants to relate to the issues and understand the importance of the application of these tools in daily life.

Since the beginning the group has consisted of first and second years but as exam time approached, more first years joined to take over the commitments of the departing second years. With the support of an engaged staff leader, Xiaohang, and enthusiastic EAC members the Youth Leadership Development Course continues; it is planned to train the new first year students after the summer break. New modules are being developed at the moment as the trainers have been divided into sub-groups focusing on a specific topic, which they have decided upon since they find it relevant for this place and the UWC ambitions.

The year has been extremely giving and the commitment shown by the group members is commendable. We are looking forward to training the new first years and contributing to the fulfilment of the UWC ambitions.

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Jan 252008

ylw1.jpg25th cialis vs viagra alcohol January 2008: A regular viagra generic name Friday morning? No! Instead of merely going does viagra give you an instant hard on to classes, 100 motivated First Years readily woke up to participate in the first Youth Leadership Programme that has ever been offered at melrose pharmacy RCNUWC.

After a fresh start with a luscious breakfast (hot chocolate!), these First Years either joined a workshop on Teamwork or on Communication and Meeting Management – skills that are essential not only for their stay at the college, but also –and especially– for their future life.

Students also got to viagra vs cialis price take a Belbin personality test, ylw5.jpgassessed each other’s communication skills and practiced diplomacy and negotiation when taking the lead as Flekke’s (fictional) Town Council.

This kind of active role play was followed by lively discussions and both theoretical and practical knowledge was gained. generic

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The Youth Leadership EAC, with Xiaohang Sumner’s and Angie Toppan’s enthusiastic support, is happy that their 6 months of hard work paid off in a such a successful day. And generic cialis online best

of all: more is yet to come!

………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. ………………. ……….

ylw2.jpg ylw3.jpg ylw4.jpg………………………………………

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Sep 292007

The aim of the EAC is to design a course to be used to train students at RCNUWC to develop leadership skills. Each module of the course should have a theoretical component, but should involve role play and other experiential modes of learning. Previous experience of leadership training courses would be very valuable. Participants will likely work in small groups until November Break at flexible times, but will need to come to big group meetings after November Break during the specified meeting time – Tuesday 16:00 to 17:30 (there is no College or Advisor Meeting at this time after Nov. Break.)

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