Mar 082013

Following is a peek into the Youth Leadership workshops on offer on 13th March. More updates and pictures to follow………


  • Scott – Working With People

    The workshop is focused mostly on motivation and inspiration, and the stark difference that so many overlook.  One of the main goals is to start understanding others and how they will react to stimulus.  Thus one can inspire/motivate.  We will examine and discuss personality types, radical work environments, ROWEs, and how so much scientific research doesn’t seem to match the current status quo.


    Larry and Alistair

    ‘Integrity and unselfishness always permeate good leadership’

    Workshop on teamwork and leadership – skills for RCN and beyond

    Come prepared and dressed for some activities outside


    Lesley Robertson (Red Cross Haugland International Rehabilitation Centre)

    Cognitive therapy and stress management – This workshop will teach self-help techniques for exploring the thoughts that cause you stress in certain situations and how to work with them to decrease their effect.


    Pete – Creative Leadership

    In this workshop participants will:

    -          Question their own self-concept as potential leaders

    -          Examine the notion of leadership

    -          Challenge themselves through role plays and group activities

    -          Take on the role of leaders temporarily

    -          Take on the role of ‘the led’ temporarily

    -          Have fun

    -          Acquire a number of skills and techniques as workshop participants that can then be applied in their own future workshops

    Note: The workshop will be active and energetic. Participants must dress in comfortable loose- fitting clothes (no tight jeans, for example) and no jewelry.


    Bjørg – Leading Vocals

    This workshop is for brave souls who are not afraid of making loud, spectacular noise in front of others.  In this workshop, we will:

    • Learn how to care for our voice. (Among other things we are going to sing scales)
    • Discuss what kind of leaders musicians are
    • Learn singing/speaking techniques. (Proper support of the voice)
    • Have fun!

    Prior experience in singing is not expected! Neither is any musical experience.

    This is a workshop, where you can come to have fun and try something you have not tried before.


    Tamim – Your Body Talks… Do You Know What It’s Saying?

    This workshop is a nice opportunity to learn more about Body Language and Leadership. Before you open your mouth to say a word, your body has already spoken volumes. Do you know what it’s saying? This session will sensitize you to your own non-verbal signals and will help you “read” some of the clues that you and people around you unknowingly give. With all the short presentations, activities, games and discussions you will be able to learn some of the basics of Body Language importance in Communication and Leadership.


     Thao – Teambuilding and Teamwork

    -          Learn to work in a team efficiently and develop team performance

    -          Improve communication and relationship among teammates

    -          Enhance leadership, organization, collaboration skills

    -          Promote effective qualities and characteristics while working in a team

    -          Be a team player and have fun!!


    Dag Sørebø

    Discuss what kinds of properties and human skills we will expect to find in good leadership. Starting out at the individual level, we discuss how we may lead our personal lives in good and meaningful ways, and discuss how the concept of ‘personal integrity’ ties in with issues pertaining to good leadership.  Based on our findings, we will venture to discuss the concept of ‘loyalty’ and how this concept is understood in situations when we are; 1) lead by another person, and 2) when we are leading other persons.  Is there any difference in our conception of loyalty in those two situations?


    Julia – The Tower of Babel

    The workshop provides teams with a shared felt experience, a common language and a solid stance to find the right prototypes to realize the ideas successfully, to avoid the oh-oh moments and have real ta-dah moments.

    è Get engaged into active collaboration in designing and creating structures from paper and …spaghetti!

    “Creativity is intelligence having fun”.                                           A. Einstein


    Madeley – Communitarian Projects Management

    In different parts of the world, every minute and every day people is needing the help of the ones who can try to change their situations. Hence through the “Community project management workshop”, some strategies, in order to know : What is a community project?, How could you start your own one? And how the legal and moral ownership can influence the solutions of an issue, will be shown in order to create the basis of your project.

    The endeavor, determination and communication when carrying out a project for a community, will be the main pillars of a successful plan.

    There are no needs to travel outside in order to help the world, you can start from the corner of your community.


    Juni – Time Management and Study skills

    What do you actually spend your time on? And when you spend your time on studying, what kind of techniques do you use? How do you best learn? In this workshop we will have discussions and activities to raise awareness about the importance of keep on practicing good routines for studying and time management. We will also have a look at different learning types J


    Dona – Listen!

    This workshop is about using and improving active listening skills to make more of discussion and to manage disagreement effectively.

    We will practice:

    - ways to get more out of discussion

    - using questioning to develop understanding not conflict

    - things to do when you are not being heard

    - managing your own emotions so you can listen even if you don’t like what you hear

    This is a practical workshop so you need to be willing to discuss and try out new skills in an open-minded way.


    Judith – Environmental Management Systems

    How to manage a business, an NGO, a school or even your life in a sustainable way? I would like to guide you into the very basics of Environmental Management Systems, with the help of a case study. Please don’t forget to bring your logical thinking, creativity, independent and group work skills along with you!


    Nghiem – No Problem!

    “Problem solving” workshop gives all participants some active, team-building, and fun activities so that you will be aware of working with others, your team role and try to simplify the problems in order to solve them quickly and efficiently and ENJOY OUR TIME!


    Rudy – Sticky messages: Why people remember some ideas but forget others.

    What is so powerful about proverbs that makes them easy to remember generation after generation? How have companies, leaders and average people made their messages more memorable? More importantly, how have they made other people care and act because of these messages? The workshop, based on the book “Made to Stick” will explore the six qualities of an idea that is made to stick and will help answer some of these questions through fun and surprising examples featuring JFK, Sony, Disney and some very creative teachers, among others.


    Comfortable clothes are encouraged, not because the workshop is physically active but because it’s comfortable. It requires participation, enthusiasm, something to write with, and something to write on.


    Jakob – How to Lead Yourself?
    Get behind the ideas of success, motivation and passion and do what you love. Find out how to Lead Yourself and not waste time when achieving your goals, and learn the secrets of the perfect mindset for self-driven pursuit of your dreams!




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Feb 242013

UWCRCN ’s first years enjoyed the Frilufsveke at Stryn again !!!

Same plans, same place and completely different snow and weather conditions made for an exciting week with low night time temperatures.

All students had an entire week of activities with downhill skis,  cross country and a combined kitchen duty and short cross country trip.  The week was fun and gave an opportunityto all first years to experience Nordic culture, living and environment.

The following awards were handed out during the Ski Week:
1) Elio The Albanian Snow Spider Award for crawling up the slopes using all four limbs;
2) A collective award for Marcin, Anniina, Katrin, Maja, Gustaf and Sarah - The Intrepid, Above and Beyond Award;
3) Farzona - The Tajik Disappearing Act Award;
4) Mahlet - The Dogged Determination Award - ‘A dog finds a bone, never lets it go – dogged the dogged determination’;
5) Ayoub - The Rubber Man Award;
6) Bakhita and Frida - The Happy Ski Friends Award for optimism and good companionship;
7) Thao, Khanga, Songjia and Guy - The Obama ‘Yes, I Can!’ Award;
8) Arja The Subtle Nordic Compassion Award;
9) Hala - The Multidimensional Award for Fashion Sense, Style of Ski Jumping, Testing Safety Net and Skiing Through Injury

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Feb 242013

Annually a group of dedicated second years take on the responsibility to arrange the Red Cross Nordic Model United Nations, and this year more than 20 guests took part in the conference in addition to the first years at the college.

The goal of the conference is to stimulate the work of the UN, and the students are assigned one country or organisation each. They further participate in discussions in one of the committees of the United Nations and in the General Assembly.

The overall goal is to reach international agreements regarding urgent current issues.

In order to complete this, the students have to demonstrate skills such as public speaking, debate techniques, independent research and collaboration.

Through the three days of the conference, the participants; both delegates and organizers, gained more knowledge, experience and understanding, and the conference can be said to have been a great success.

Deputy Secretary General,
Åse Rustad Kvisberg

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Feb 242013
Creative world is a PBL aimed at developing students’ interest towards poetry. Apart from learning some literature techniques that used to analyse classic poems, we also had chances to take a look at poems from different countries. As the cultural diversity within this group is  quite wide, we had chance to learn about Arabic poems, Chinese poems and Nordic poems. Furthermore, we tried to write modern poems by following certain literature rules. In the end, we all created our work. Even though those poems are not professional, this PBL created a chance for us to be a beginner in being a poet.
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Feb 062013



The Asane PBL turned out to be an experience to remember. Everything from the atmosphere to the food and the people was amazing. The best part perhaps, was doing things that were new to me such as collecting money in the streets of Bergen, teaching Spanish to other beginners, learning about Norway from quaint museums and getting to know my co-years and teacher much better. Altogether, an experience that will stay with me for a long time. 


This PBL was the best PBL I have had since I came to the college. I have learned a lot about both the Nordic culture and the Latin culture. We traveled around Bergen and saw many exciting sites. We have been in museums where we learned about the way of living in the old days in Bergen and we traveled around the city and raised money for the NGO Safuge. We had Spanish and dancing lessons which were really fun and we bonded with the students in the school.  


This PBL was well rounded in the sense that it covered a wide range of pillars from Nordic studies, humanitarian pillar( Safuge collections) to creatity and action with the dance sessions that we had. For that reason I am very happy to have been a part of it. We got the rare opportunity to interact with our Norwegian peers in a different but still special school like ours and that gave me the idea of how Norwegian school system works. I can say that this PBL improved both my commitmet and collaborative skills and for that I am grateful.



The visit to Asane folkeskule was remarkable. I enjoyed the PBL as I got to know the Norwegian teenagers in other school, visit museums and other cultural sights in Bergen,  articipated in the spanish lessons, practiced various dances with the students there, watched theater performance by another folkeskule and did fundraising. I also practiced my Norwegian with the students, they were very helpful. The most important thing was that I worked together with Kelly, Lior, Natasha, Diego and Lindelwa – it was amazing and lovely getting back together with them after the busy term last year. I am glad to be part of the group. I hope this initiative will continue to be a PBL for the years ahead. Thank you for the great experience :)


Asane was definitely a challenging trip and a knowledge trip. First, because Spanish is not my first language it was interesting to share the knowledge I gained at RCN, speaking with native speakers. Also, I enjoyed very much how the students were so enthusiastic at the Latin American culture, my culture, that I felt eager at sharing more about my perspectives of my part of the planet. I also visited Bergen – in a very beautiful day! Asane was an amazing place to visit, teach and learn.

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Jan 312013

We had nine Mottak Visitors attending the First Aid Course at RCN with the First Years – a wonderful experience for our students and the Mottak visitors.

Their enthusiasm can be assessed from the collage below :)

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Jan 302013

Reluctantly acknowledging snow-caving without snow to be an insurmountable challenge, planning discussions evolved the project into two phases: (a) hike to a hytte on the other side of Dalsfjord and ascend Dokka – the fine peak visible as one walks between student village and kantine then, (b) wait for snow to accumulate to go cave-dwelling.

Planning discussions on food were appropriately concise: pølse med brød, hot chocolate, porridge and cookies. Our happy gang of 6 (Norway, Denmark, Chile, Sierra Leone, Portugal, South Africa) dis-embarked from the Eikenes ferry station around 11AM and, by means of  interpretive analysis of a map, devised (in hindsight, a somewhat circuitous) route over sheets of ice, via a random gate and a bizarre bridge, to arrive at the magnificently cosy hytte.

This hytte experience – effective fire-place, challenging card games, fine food and overall deep appreciation for these comforts – soothed all members; the location of commitments and responsibilities, whilst visible in the far distance, was far from our minds.

The climbing of Dokka mountain had in its entirety even more concept of team work. Students made contributions in diverse ways on routes and paths to and from the peak (in the face of driving snow and gale-force winds, we turned some 100m from the top).

Even more so, perhaps, we related the general experience to a philosophy of life: achieving one’s aims and objective is like climbing a mountain. Which means one has to climb indefatigably, surmounting challenges en route until one attains the desired peak (or somewhere near it at least).  In the words of Ivar Åsen, founder of Nynorsk in an inscription on the bridge below the hytte, “one cannot climb a mountain by means of flat paths”.

Phase (a) concluded with a pleasant hike in strong winds over sheets of ice, to the welcome shelter of a derelict boatshed at Eikenes quay; a successful venture which undauntedly achieved its aim of a Project Based Learning activity. Many thanks to the Lien family for generously allowing us to visit their hytte!


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Jan 282013
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Jan 282013

The UWCRCN experience will not meet its wholesome consideration without students having some time off after dissipating relentless and concerted efforts towards the success of a tiring term. The majority of students opted for a break away from the routine scene of Flekke fields as swiftly as possible.

To many, the idea of not being able to spend the holiday with family was somewhat daunting and unthought-of, however, the bulk of 31 students, who remained on campus after the 7th of December had explicitly committed their utmost participation in the most talked-about College Winter Program. The College Winter Program 2012-2013 consisted of a week stay on campus and a 10-day stay in UWC Maastricht, Netherlands. The remaining were spent travelling by bus, train or cruise ship; a combination many had never experienced before.

A week full of engaging activities started on Monday, 10th of December with a trip to Forde. On the evening of the same day there was a quiz arranged by the Rector and Director of Development of the College, in which all the participants received prizes. And this was only the start! An opportunity to go for skiing was most probably one of the highlights during the stay at college, where most of the students experienced skiing for the first time. We were falling many times but that motivated us to stand up and gave it one more try.

Later during the week we visited Lammetun, a historical sight left from World War II. Surrounded by beautiful Norwegian Sea and telling history, this place had made a huge impression on all of us. Additionally, movie marathons were arranged throughout the week, which gave the students an opportunity to spend time together in a cozy atmosphere. Last, but not least, before leaving RCN we were invited to the Rektor’s house to have dinner with his family, followed by a Christmas movie. After a comfy evening filled with smiles and laughter, the students were ready for the journey waiting ahead.

On December 16th, we finally left the placid Flekke for an amazing 2-week trip to Maastricht. The adventure began with a bus to Bergen and a train to Oslo. Upon arrival, we boarded a luxurious cruise ship called “Color Line” which transported us to Kiel, Germany. After staying 1 night in Germany’s harbor city, we took a train to Hamburg and spent another 2 nights there. In Hamburg, we visited the breath-taking Museum of Arts and Crafts. Collections of fine, applied and decorative arts such as Historic Keyboard, Ancient art and sculptures, furniture, etc were all exhibited there. 






After taking various trains, we finally reached Maastricht on the evening of the 21st of December eagerly awaited for by a group of UWC Maastricht students. The students led us through the brightly lit streets of the historical city of The Netherlands to their hostel, which located in the city central. We then had short introduction and Mr Satyadeep Srivastava, the UWC Maastricht house mentor, assigned rooms to each student.

The next morning, at brunch, the Rektor warmly welcomed us to the college. As part of our gratitude toward their hospitality, our staff members- Mr. Ashok Singh and Mrs. Madhulika Singh presented the Rektor ‘ibee’ products made by RCN students and a portrait of the college.

Later that day, the eager students gave us a tour of the city just to familiarise ourselves with the new place. During the stay at UWCM we enjoyed activities like a walk to their new campus, which will open next year; a visit to the caves at St. Pietersburg; volunteering; talent show and most famously the fireworks at the old city bridge on New Years Eve.

We also spent a lot of time getting to know about the other UWC as we exchanged stories about experiences and our thoughts on UWC. It was very exciting to discover that although both schools are United World College, there are a lot of contrasts in how to fulfil UWC philosophy due to different locations and lifestyle.

It was very sad to say goodbye to our beloved UWCM fellows on January 2nd. Most RCN students were reluctant to leave this place and part with new interesting friends, “It’s like I have just grown fond of them and now I have to leave my newly found brothers, sisters and friends behind” but we are definitely going to keep in touch. The program was indeed successful and we believe every participant had a very memorable holiday. UWCM and UWCRCN, hence, maintain close relationship and we hope there will be more inter-UWC exchange in the future. Finally, we would like to show our sincere thanks to UWCM and UWCRCN for making this wonderful program possible!


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